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Uncover Online Footprints of your Offline Customer Data with Customer Single View.

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As a leading provider of digital solutions, LS Digital understands the challenges that complex brands face when it comes to managing customer data. With data scattered across multiple databases, it can be difficult to provide personalized communication and truly understand your customers. That’s why we specialize in creating a Customer Single View (CSV) for our clients.

By setting up a CSV, brands can create a single identity for each customer from the data stored in various systems. This unique identifier allows brands to gain valuable insights into a customer’s online and offline interactions, including purchase history, browsing behavior, and more. With this information, brands can create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and increase customer loyalty.

PiGraph is a set of APIs and algorithms that gather data from various databases and associates a single identifier to them.

  1. User level GA insights added to the existing customer data
  2. API connecters available to triangulate data based on Standard Identifiers
  3. Existing systems assessed to eliminate data redundancy
  4. Best practises of data collection, collation and storage followed

Benefits of
Partnering with us?

Personalization Opportunities Unlocked

Share the single customer ID created using PiGraph to your chat bots, call centre, Notifications etc to send notifications

AI/ML use cases unlocked

Extract this data to fuel AI/ML use cases like Lead Scoring, Dynamic Segmentation, Predictive analysis and more

Offline customer’s Online footprints gathered

Gather data from GA against customer IDs of existing customers to gain insights on their online interactions (Clicks, Page visits, Market Segment, Interests).

Website behaviour study

Divide campaigns into different buckets like Existing Customers, New Customers, Offline Online Customers and so on to study their behaviour on the website.

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