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What is Digital Acceleration Program (DAP)

At LS Digital, our team specializes in tech initiatives and program management to help brands reach their D2C and D2S goals. We work closely with Google to provide our clients with the Digital Acceleration Program. This program is designed to enhance the user journey for customers and increase conversion rates for our clients. By utilizing our expertise and partnerships, we are able to provide seamless, effective solutions to drive

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Digital Acceleration Program

Digital Acceleration Program is a 12-week program which includes D2C + D2S.
Our program will impact below key areas:


Why should you
go for the Our Digital Acceleration Program?

Benefits of DAP

Enhancing Omnichannel Experience

Improving customer journey across all channels

Google Best Practices

Ensuring a seamless experience for customers

Early Adoption of Omnichannel:

Staying ahead in today’s market

Aligned Incentives

Creating a cohesive strategy across all platforms

Omnichannel Reporting

Tracking customer engagement on all channel

Benefits of Google’s Official Partner

Benefits of Google’s Official Partner

Accessing technical assistance when needed

Insight and Recommendations

Leveraging Google’s expertise at every stage

In-Depth Training

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